Artist's Statement


Traject Info

My practice mainly involves painting, expressed in a deceptively traditional representational style. The reason why I seek to work this way is that as a contemporary artist, I want to build on the forms and contexts of existing, established styles of painting as a challenge to the perfectionism of new visual media. In contrast to traditional painting's context, my painting will be presented as a secular form within a subcultural context.

  • Information

    June Jung . 정준욱

    Born in 1985, South Korea
    Lives and works in London, UK

  • Background of Education

    2014 MA Art & Science,UAL: Central Saint Martins, London, UK
    2012 Diploma Art & Design, UAL: Central Saint Martins, London, UK
    2009 BA Fine Art, Keimyung University, Deagu,Korea
    2007 Tianjin academy of fine art summer work shop, Tianjin, China

  • Selected Exhibition

    2015 ‘Vision the beyond of vision’, Art Space Say, Seoul, Korea
    2015 ‘MANA STORM’, Pop-up Gallery, London, UK
    2015 ‘Three Visions’, Deamyung resort, Junbuk, Korea
    2015 ‘청출어람’, H Gallery, Hyundai department store, Deagu, Korea
    2015 6 Months On Going, St.Paul's School Milton gallery, London, UK

    2014 'FloatArt London 2014', Bargehouse, Oxo Tower, London, UK
    2014 'Be my guest' Exhibition, Galerie E.G.P, Paris, France
    2014 'STOP IT' CSM MA Degree show, CSM, London, UK
    2014 The 6th 4482[sasapari], Bargehouse, Oxo Tower, London, UK

    2013 'Open Studio', Vytlacil studio, NewYork, USA
    2013 Postgraduate Art Auction, Lethaby Gallery, London, UK
    2013 'Experimentations', Elthorne Studio, London,UK
    2013 CSM MA course Interim show 'In Transit',V-22,London,UK

    2012 CSM diploma course final degree show – CSM,London, UK

    2011 Painting ‘The Realism’ show,CSM,London, UK

    2009 4th Seoul open art fair,coex,Seoul,Korea
    2009 Little blue chips 2009 - Susung artpia, Deagu, Korea
    2009 Young artist project ‘Budding flower’,J-one gallery,Deagu,Korea
    2009 Art present - Bongsan culture centre , Deagu, Korea

    2008 University Art Festival,Deagu culture&art centre,Deagu,Korea
    2008 Keimyung University final degree show,Kekjea museum,Deagu
    2008 72nd ‘chungmok’the regular show,Adams gallery,Deagu,Korea
    2008 Group 'F' Exhibition,Deagu Cityhall gallery,Deagu,Korea
    2008 Young artist project ‘U.F.O’,Sinmi gallery,Deagu,Korea

  • Awards

    2014 Beers Contemporary Award for Emerging Art[shortlist], London, UK
    2009 EMERGING ARTIST CONTEST[shortlist], Seoul, South Korea
    2008 12th Deagu & Guysangbukdo fine art contest[Special prize], Deagu, South Korea
    2007 15th Han-eu fine art contest[shortlist], Deagu, South Korea

  • Residency

    2013 Vytlacil Artists-in-Residency Program, New York, USA
    2013 Scuola Internazionale DiGrafica Art Residency, Venice, Italy